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My name is sarah.  I have helped many people find answers, gain closure and discover what track they need to be on in life. I love helping others and providing happiness through my skills. I am very intuitive and i receive messages from your spirit guides and the collective to provide real answers. Please view my testimonials to get clarification on my work.

When i was nine i discovered my gift. I began speaking to my grandfather who had passed when i was just two years old. Over time my gift became stronger and by the age of fourteen i was able to have conversations with family and friends passed loved ones. 

At the beginning of my journey i started out with my first tarot card deck, i began to give my family readings and they were utterly shocked by my ability. Seeing the smiles, happy tears and joy from my family as i gave them answers is what drives me to help others.

My mission is to help you and others discover anything you may need to know. My goal is to make everyone happy and bring joy to everyones faces. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and learn more about me. I hope i will be able to help you on your journey.

My Story

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